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We have been active and growing in global investment markets for over 14 years. We provide a full range of investment consulting, plus related trading advice and transaction engagement. Many of our clients are small or mid-size companies and are usually involved in one or more stages of business transitions. We guide them through these and then on to growth for all the stages of private equity investment.

If, eventually, they move on to consider a full initial public offering (IPO), we will ready them for a merger, acquisition, or public sale, as required.

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Account Management

We provide services to investors and financial advisors around the world.

Balanced Portfolios

We always insist on a portfolio based on a variety of investment approaches.

Diversified Investments

We create a presentation of exactly what the company is about and why invest.

Unique Approach

We offer our clients a growing range of financial and investment opportunities.

Capital Management

Capital Management team provide independent advice based on established research methods.

Industry Experience

Market Research


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Rupert Miller

Managing Director & CEO

Capital Management

Stephen Everett

Chief Financial Officer

Capital Management

Philip Hennessy

Senior Tax Specialist

Capital Management

Richard Phillips

Chief Financial Advisor

Our team is comprised of industry specialists whose skills, experience, and awareness are focused on our fundamental products. Because of their previous market experience, our team will be familiar with any set of circumstances and trading objectives.

Capital Management have developed its team from a multitude of investment industries, from IFAs to European and North American bank analysts and commodity experts. This generates a diverse understanding of the ever-changing markets and allows us to adapt to new circumstances quickly, staying ahead of the markets year-after-year.

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Trader Of The Year Award Winner For 2018:

Trader Of The Year Award Winner For 2018:

We are pleased to announce the "Trader of the Year" award winner Mr. Todd Francis Colt. For his excellent projections and outstanding performance throughout this year with second to none evaluations o [...]

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Stock Market News For Oct 12, 2018

Stock Market News For Oct 12, 2018

Stocks continued to suffer on Thursday, as worries about rapidly rising interest rates and a slowdown in global economic growth made investors jittery. The International Monetary Fund recently cut its [...]

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Stock Market News For Sep 18, 2018

Stock Market News For Sep 18, 2018

U.S. stock markets ended sharply lower on Monday as lingering trade conflicts between the United States and China escalated once again. Investor’s confidence has been dented significantly following ne [...]

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